Significant Dining Table by Pierluigi Giordani

Pierluigi Giordani (1924 – 2011)

Rare biomorphic dining table by pioneering Italian mid-century designer Pierluigi Giordani, with a large oval glass top resting on four points of a sharply angled, origami-like walnut base with slender, tapering, rounded legs; a pure, elegant design by a master of the genre.

Very good condition.

  • Origin: Italy
  • Period: c.1955
  • Dimensions: 30" x 71" x 35"
  • Materials: Italian walnut, glass
  • Condition: Very good


Product Description






Verre, noyer

77 x 180 x 89 cm.

Circa 1955

Dining table

Glass, italian walnut

30.31 x 70.87 x 35.04 in.


Provenance :

– Résidence privée, Bologne, Italie.


ierluigi Giordani is an Italian architect adept in producing fine pieces of furniture. His works are appreciated not just in Italy but worldwide. He has produced a series of lounge chairs and armchairs along with some unique dining tables in his career. Because of their aesthetic properties, his furniture works are still in demand.
Early Life
Pierluigi Giordani was born in the first half of the twentieth century in Bologna, Italy. Witnessing the changes in the style and forms of architecture taking place around the period of his growing years, his interest towards this field developed. Following his inclination in architecture and designing, he studied architecture at the University of Bologna and graduated in 1950. From then on, he began producing modern designs of furniture that became quite popular during the 1950s.
Art Style
Following the technique of minimalism, Giordani has designed simplistic and comfortable furniture pieces. His major area of concern was to develop basic designs that can cater to the needs of people belonging to different classes of society. A close study of his furniture designs reveals his sleek table designs with pointed legs, without any marks of embellishments and ornamentation.
He has used glass and walnut wood as the primary elements in most of his works. These materials not only add to his idea of minimalism but add to the aesthetic beauty of the products.
Although, his products are made mostly in the mid-20 century, the designs are still admired in the contemporary time and this is why they are in high demand even today. He has produced a vast range of works in the 1950s, mostly from 1954 to 1959.
“The idea of the garden city (1972)” by Pierluigi Giordani
“The Future of Utopia (1969)” by Pierluigi Giordani

Pierluigi Giordani

Rare, exquisite angular dining table by important/formative Italian mid-century designer Pierluigi Giordani, with a large oval glass top resting on four points of a sharply angular walnut base with slender, deeply/starkly tapering legs , whose pure, organic designs and angular

slender, organic, tapered

folded/ origami/ angled